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Create GMail Group to Send E-Mail to Multiple Recipients


You need to create GMail Group to send e-mails to multiple recipients within a very short time. Ever wonder for sending e-mails, if you could just type in one address and you would get five, ten or even more email addresses typed in seconds?? Many of you must already know this. But somehow if you don’t, no worries, I am here to talk about gmail group today. E-mail or electronic mail is an essential part of our daily needs now more than ever. Everything is happening online right now and you need e-mail everywhere.

What is GMail Group

By the name, you can imaging that gmail group is a group of emails. Not necessarily it has to be all gmail addresses. If you use a gmail (which probably you do) and want to send mail to many recipients, you can have a separate group for all the receivers you want to send the mail to. You can have gmail groups for your teachers, friends, neighbors or customers. Creating a gmail group can save a lot of your valuable time.

Why do you need Gmail Group

So, think of a scenario where you need to send a bunch of emails to a lots of recipients at the same time. Such as, sending new years wish or Christmas or thanksgiving wishes to your friends and families or even your colleagues or the customers of your business. Whenever there are lots of recipients you basically have two ways to insert the name of the recipients. Number 1: is to type the addresses manually or copy from your spreadsheet or Number 2: type in one name and all the names appear. 10 out of 10 people will surely pick option 2, right?

How to do it

Creating a GMail group is very easy. You need to access to google contacts first. For this reason, you need to go to Google Contacts or search google with it. Remember, you must be logged in before proceeding. So it will take you to a page like this:

Gmail Group Creation
Login to Google Contacts

Typically in this page, if you have your gmail address synced with your Android phone, you will see your contacts here. If you save any mail address on your gmail, it will show them here too. However, I am using a fresh email so nothing appears. If yours do, nothing to worry.

If you don’t see your desired email address click on frequently contacted addresses or just start adding them one by one. For this demonstration, I am adding five non-existent email addresses and showing real people’s email might not be appropriate.

Adding Contacts to Google Group
Creating Contacts for Google Group

Creating Labels

Labels will actually create the what I am referring to as group. You need to select multiple email addresses for your group and click on labels on top. Give it a name and you will see it’s labeled as what name you have given it to. I have labeled as ”ALL MEMBERS”. It is not necessary to put all caps but I prefer to do so. Now go back to your gmail and start typing all members and select to see the magic

Creating label
Creating Label for all members

You just select your label and you will all your addresses at once. That’s how to create groups in gmail. I hope the procedure was easy. If you didn’t know about it before, hopefully you do now. So, that was today’s post. You can see the video on iSudip YouTube channel for full demonstration and I will see you guys next time, peace.

Android 10 Update on Asus Zenfone Stock Android Phone


Android 10 update has been released on September 3rd of 2019 and started rolling out on some of the devices. Like always, not all the current devices has the acceptability of getting the update. Most of the high-end newer phones are coming with android 10. Some stock android phones are also getting the update provided officially by the manufacturer.

Stock Android

Firstly, let’s talk a little about stock android phones. A general android phone and a stock android phone has very little distinction between themselves. I hope you already know that Android Operating System is free for all manufacturers. So, the mobile companies tweak a bit of the operating system and gives their best possible output to the customers. As a result, we have Android with Oxygen OS in OnePlus, Android with MIUI in xiaomi, Android with OneUI in Samsung, Android with HiOS in Tecno and the list just goes on. But the concept of the Stock Android is to give the same android experience within all the devices from different manufacturers. But in reality, there is some tweaking also.

Android 10 Update on ASUS Zenfone MaxPro M2

So, for today’s demonstration of the android 10 update, I will be using my Asus Zenfone MaxPro M2 device. It is one the rare devices to have Android 8, 9 and 10. As of now, the official beta release of android 10 update has been announced on their website which you can check out below:

Asus Beta Version Update download link

Android 10 Update on ASUS
Android 10 update

You obviously need to download the 1.61GB file to your mobile. You can either download it with your phone or you can download from PC/Laptop and transfer it to the root directory of the phone. Root directory is the phone memory. If you download the file with mobile, you need to move the file to the root directory and if you download with pc, just paste the file after opening the internal storage, can’t get any easier than that.

Precaution before android 10 update

As stated in the website, the android 10 update may lead to lose all the data on your phone. So, for this reason, you should back up all your data before proceeding. Backing up contacts, calendar and everything related to google should be easy but if you want to back up files or text messages, you might have copy it to somewhere else. But there is a way where you can upgrade without losing any of your data. You need to cancel the locking security. By locking security, I mean the pin code lock and the fingerprint/face lock removal. If you don’t want to lose any data, remove them before proceeding. However, if you want to get yourself a brand-new experience and want to delete your data, just proceed.


Right after you copy the file to your root directory, you will be shown a message to update your phone and reboot. But for some reason, if you don’t get that message restart your phone and you will see it. Pull down the notification bar and click update, the phone will restart and the whole updating procedure will take like 2-5 mins. It’s easy and no hassle.

Android 10 image

So, What’s new

Nothing significant is new in this update. But some new things that I found was:

  • Change of the icons in settings
  • Introduction of dark mode
  • Navigation gestures (finally)
  • Some new options in camera
  • Improved battery backup

In my opinion, the android 10 itself didn’t bring much to the table so you can’t blame asus for this. But most importantly, you got new version of android. Whatever I wrote in this post, should be much more helpful for you if you just check out the video on top of this page, just go ahead and hopefully the procedure will be very easy for you. See you soon.