How to Solve Google Chrome Bangla Font Problem

By | January 31, 2016

Google Chrome Bangla Font Problem

Most of the times, after setting up the windows we face google chrome bangla font problem. We don’t see the bangla fonts as the original version for not setting up correctly. Google chrome is the most popular web browser now so the problem is also very frequent. Well, even just a few days ago, the google chrome bangla font problem would have been gone by just installing a software like avro or bijoy bayanno but the problem now seems irresistible. Some websites might seem okay but not all of them. If you guys don’t know about it yet, this post if for you.

Just follow these steps along with me:

Step 1:

Click the list item icon on top right of google chrome and then click Settings or simply type in your browser “chrome://settings/” and hit enter

Step 2:

Scroll down a bit, click on “Show advanced settings”

Step 3:

Scroll down a bit more until you find out “Web Content” tab, from there click on “Customize Fonts”

Step 4:

In customize font option do the following:

Standard Font: Courier New

Serif: Siyam Rupali

Sans-Serif: Siyam Rupali

Fixed-width Font: Times New Roman

So, you are almost done. That’s right, almost. Still needs some more settings. Just to remind you, as of now you might see some sites are already okay and the goolge chrome bangla font problem gone. But yet you might not see some very popular sites like bdnews and many more.

Step 5:

The last step, type in your browser “chrome://flags” and hit enter. It will take you to flags page. Find “Disable DirectWrite”. By default this option is turned off, you will need to turn it on and that’s it.

Now just need to restart your browser and if you have done everything correctly, you will see your google chrome bangla font problem gone away.

I hope this process was easy and you can do this in a flash. Yet, if you need more assist on this, I have recorded the whole process in a short video. Click the link below.

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