Sony xPeria Update to Android 6 Marshmallow

By | August 21, 2016

Sony xPeria Update Just Arrived

New Sony xPeria update is in the house. Just at the end of Android 5 Lollipop version and before the release of Android 6 Marshmallow, Sony released a bunch of phones and tablets and when they came out, the operating system was Android 5 with support to Sony xPeria Update to Android 6.0 or more.Now, as stated on their website, Sony said the update depends on different location, time frame and devices. But recently on Sony Mobile’s website, they published about Sony xPeria update to some of their devices.

If you use any of the following phones, then there’s a new update for you.

xPeria Z5 (Dual, Compact, Premium, Premium Dual)
xPeria Z4 Tablet
xPeria Z3 (Dual, Compact, Tablet Compact, +, +Dual)
xPeria Z2, Z2 Tablet
xPeria M5, M5 Dual
xPeria C5, C5 Ultra
xPeria M4 Aqua, M4 Aqua Dual
xPeria C4, C4 Dual

I bought a Sony xPeria M4 Aqua Dual more than 6 months ago and I was really getting angry to them for not releasing the android 6 update. However, it might be a bit late, but you can take a look at the android 6 features if you want. Anyways, yesterday I was browsing around and saw the new sony xperia update and couldn’t wait a bit. Just went on and updated my device to the latest android 6.0.1.

Updating your device

Now, updating the device is very easy. Basically, there are two ways to update device to a newer android version. One, by using your device or by using your computer. I prefer using the computer as it will be less pressure to the phone. First, the sony xperia update will be downloaded to the computer and then it will be installed on the phone. So, first of all you need to download xPeria companion first. You can either go to google and search for it or you can save your time and click the following link:

Sony xPeria Companion Download

Go ahead, download and install it on your computer. Now open it. Keep your data cable with you and connect to the device. The software is smart enough to let you know that there is a new sony xPeria update available for your device and it will directly prompt for the update.

Sony xPeria Update Prompt

However, if for some reason it doesn’t ask for the update automatically, you can click on the Software Update menu manually, will do the same thing actually. Anyway, just click ok and you can see the download progress on the top right corner of the companion software.

sony xperia update download status

It might take some time depending on your computer configuration and internet connection. You can disconnect your phone and continue using it until the download is complete.

While downloading the update, you can disconnect and use your phone if you want.

After the companion software downloads the update, connect your phone to your computer. It will ask for it.

Connect phone for update

After you connect your phone to the computer back in, the Sony xPeria update will be installed and you will see new version number, all your data will be kept.

Confirm before update

Then, it will prepare your device

Preparing device for update

After preparation done, a window will come and say not to disconnect device. While updating the device will be switched off and you can’t use it.

Final installation

Sony xperia update installation process

Installation process

Finally, Sony xPeria Update is finished, you will see a message like this

Update finished Successfully

Remember, for the first time after you install an update, it will take some time for the phone to open. After your phone opens, you can see the new version.

Update Complete to Android 6.0.1

So yeah, that’s how to do the sony xperia update, I hope the process was easy. I inserted as many screenshots as I could so that you can get it easily. If the screenshots are not enough and you want to see the whole process in a video, don’t worry. As always, I have recorded the whole process in a 5.43min YouTube video, I hope you will like it. If you do, don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe.

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