Windows 10 Memory Problem [Solved]

By | December 3, 2018

Windows 10 Memory Problem

If you are a windows 10 user then this is a problem then windows 10 memory problem is a problem that you have probably faced. By memory problem, I mean the storage size of C drive in a windows 10 operating system. The problem occurs when you update your windows (mostly on major and big size updates). It can also happen when you do not clear your junk files or cached files for a long time.

How to detect the problem

The thing is, you won’t have to manually detect the windows 10 memory problem, the problem will find you. Yes, you will see your C drive space will gradually decrease but the fact is you haven’t done anything that can cause in decreasing of free memory. It happened to me several times when I haven’t installed any software on my C drive, put my working files there or even downloaded something.

Let me remind you, I always use a separate drive for downloading and game installation. Both of them needs a huge amount of space. No matter whether I update or reinstall my operating system or not, I would like my games and download folder to be the same they were before updating or reinstalling.

Solution to windows 10 memory problem

Don’t worry, the solution is really easy. There’s no need to install any additional software to get rid of this problem, thanks to windows 10. Go to the system settings for windows 10. To do this, you will need to go to System settings. You can go there in several different ways, I will show the easiest one. First, click the message icon on the bottom right of the screen and then click on “All Settings”.

All Settings

You will see a bunch of windows settings, click on System for the next step:

System Settings

Click on storage and you will see the list of your drives like this.

Memory status

Click on the C drive, you will see where your space is being used. I see my temporary files took almost 14GB, click on it and you will see the list of temporary files.

Windows 10 Memory Problem

The space is more than 14GB, it actually almost 20, so I need to clean the space up. Here all the files are temporary so these are files that I won’t actually be needed. I will just select them all and delete them. After that I will see significant change in my free space of the HDD.

Video Attached

Free space on your C drive might not be important if you have a lot of space in your C drive but my recommendation will be, no matter how small or how big you C drive is, after all, it is the operating system drive, so you should keep it as free as you can. I hope you can do this by your own, if you still have any problem, I have recorded a screenshot video of the whole process in a 3.28 min of YouTube video, go ahead and watch it.

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